History of physics in prehistory and antiquity

The history of physics traces the origin and evolution of currents of thought and knowledge in the physical sciences. Themes Several parallel issues overlap over the centuries: determinism and probabilistic physics; Laplace has scarcely conceived the project of a total … Read More

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Scientific laws

A scientific law is a scientific proposition that affirms a constant relationship between two or more variables or factors, each of which represents a property or measurement of specific systems. It is also defined as a constant and invariable rule and norm of things, arising from its first cause or its qualities and conditions. It … Read More

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Mind–body problem – Dualism – Descartes

 (Is there a spirit in the machine?) The mind-body problem raises the question of the relationship between the human body, the brain in particular, and the mind. Although this problem has existed almost since the beginning of philosophy (see Plato), … Read More

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