Intelligence Methodologies

Methodology, in intelligence, consists of the methods used to make decisions about threats, especially in the intelligence analysis discipline. The enormous amount of information collected by intelligence agencies often puts them in the inability to analyze them all. According to … Read More

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Ontology of Gravitational Singularities

Peter Bokulich and Erik Curiel (Curiel and Bokulich 2018) assert that general relativity (GR) allows singularities, and that we need to understand the ontology of singularities if we want to understand the nature of space and time in the present … Read More

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Polanyi’s tacit knowledge applied in intelligence

Owen Ormerod has developed a theory that Michael Polanyi’s opinion on science can contribute to understanding the process and the “product” of intelligence analysis. (Ormerod 2018) Michael Polanyi’s arguments about the activities of scientists are transferable in the field of … Read More

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Blockchain Narrative Ontologies

Social ontology is concerned with the nature of the social world, constituents, or building blocks of social entities in general. Some theories claim that social entities are built from people’s psychological states, others are built up of actions, others from … Read More

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Epistemology of Intelligence Analysis

In intelligence, epistemology is the study of the threat awareness and the way the threat is understood in the field of intelligence analysis. Most definitions of intelligence do not consider the fact that the epistemic normative status of the intelligence … Read More

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Epistemic Intelligence Communities. Counterintelligence

Epistemic communities Epistemic communities are informal networks of knowledge-based experts who influence decision-makers in defining issues they face, identifying different solutions, and evaluating results. (Hsu and Hasmath 2017) Peter M. Haas defined the conceptual framework of an epistemic community as … Read More

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Psychology of the film Solaris directed by Andrei Tarkovsky

Tarkovski’s film is a drama of pain and partial recovery centered on the psychology of the Solaris station crew. Tarkovski wanted to address this way the deeply emotional and intellectual science-fantastic genre, considered by him to be superficial. The film … Read More

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Knowledge Engineering and Intelligence Gathering

A process of intelligence gathering begins when a user enters a query into the system. Several objects can match the result of a query with different degrees of relevance. Most systems estimate a numeric value about how well each object … Read More

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