Digital e-book self-publishing

The self-publishing of a book is not limited to the paper format, the e-book format is also very common. Digital self-publishing, by freeing the author-publisher from the constraints of printing and paper, distribution via traditional networks, or dispatch by post, … Read More

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Historiography of materialist philosophies

Greek Antiquity and the Modern Age: appearance and resurgence of mechanism Materialism has developed in a mechanistic form since antiquity. The Ionian philosophers of the school of Miletus – Thales, Anaximenes, Anaximander – seem to be the first materialist philosophers … Read More

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Buddhism doctrine and schools – Critics of Buddhism

Doctrine The term “Buddhism”, of Western invention, is commonly used to designate, in the form of a somewhat rough translation, the “Dharma (teaching, doctrine) of the Buddha”, 佛教 (fójiào) in Chinese, bukkyō in Japanese , nang pa sangs rgyas pa’i … Read More

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