Criticisms of the concept of animal welfare

In the old days, many people thought that animals couldn’t feel anything and therefore had no self-interest. Many Cartesians seem to have taken this view, although according to John Cottingham, Descartes himself did not defend such a point of view. … Read More

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Criticisms of utilitarianism

Criticisms of utilitarianism come from different authors, from various currents of anti-utilitarian thought as well as from various social movements such as environmental movements and alter-globalist movements. Indifference to inequality In its cardinal versions, total or average utilitarianism, utilitarianism does … Read More

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The Book Chain

The author writes the text. If there is a collaborative work, there may be several authors. The author gives or not the rights for use of his work to a publishing house which is in charge of the broadcast, depending on the jurisdiction. At the writing level, it must be distinguished between the essays of creative works on one hand, and works ordered by publishers on the other hand. The essays address technical and scientific fields or current events.

The publisher, on behalf of his publishing house, took most of the financial risk of publishing (layout and model, if necessary, translation, printing and distribution) and profit sharing between the author, distributor and bookseller.

The Book Chain