Theoretical philosophy

Logic Logic is not concerned with concrete content, but with the laws of consistency. She asks, based on which rules out certain conditions specific ( “premises”) result or can not be drawn conclusions. To that extent, it addresses the basis of all argument- based science. In earlier … Read More

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Historical authenticity in performance (Historically informed performance)

The expression historically informed performance (HIP) designates a musical interpretation movement developed in the 20th century and more particularly during the second half of the 20th century. Seeking to get closer to the musical tastes of the time and the … Read More

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Problem of induction

The problem of induction (also: Humean problem or Hume problem) is a basic problem of epistemology. It relates to the question of whether and when a conclusion by inducing individual cases to a generally applicable law is permissible. It was first mentioned by David Hume around 1740 . Although the problem of induction was … Read More

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Moral relativism

Moral relativism (also: ethical relativism) is a metaethics positions of practical philosophy about moral principles, judgments and beliefs on social, cultural, historical or personal circumstances. According to this position, values and judgments, especially moral judgments, are not objective and in principle not universally valid. Rather, values ​​are dependent of cultural, historical, especially material conditions and individual … Read More

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